Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Ok, so tonight's project didn't exactly work.  I was watching some old videos on Threadbanger and saw this video for a cool halter neck top made from a T-shirt.  So I tried it out and, like some of the people who commented, it didn't really work on the larger lady!  The cowl neck drapped down to the navel with boobs completely out.

Interestingly, I managed to get the hubby involved in this one (and it wasn't just the boobs) and it then turned into an engineering challenge to work out how the measurements could be adjusted so it would fit.  So one old guiding t-shirt wasted, but a new challenge to try out.  Might have to start visiting the charity shops to pick up some Ts!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

here we go!

So, I bought a sewing machine.  It's been years since I did any sewing.  At school we stopped textile classes in the third year (aged 13ish).  For some reason I can't remember I did do some sewing when I was 17/18 - I hand stitched a skirt, including darts and button hole ...

So it has been a good 14 years since I've done anything serious, but I found myself constantly buying craft magazines and searching crafty websites and it became obvious that I needed to "do" something.  So after my birthday I bought myself a gift of a sewing machine - a Brother Innovis 10-A.

And since then I have been trying to create things and I thought a blog might be a nice way to keep my own diary of the things I have created, so now I just need to work out how to load some pics on here for the things I have tried so far.