Monday, 29 November 2010

another xmas gift

I have been quite productibe today but I can't take all the credit for having achieved this plu s the slippers today.  When I gave my Mother-in-law her birthday present of the dog bag she commented that she could do with a peg bag.  When we got home my new issue of Sew Hip magazine had a peg bag in it - what a coincidence!  I made it almost straight away, but my top stitching was rubbish and needed upicking and doing again, and I needed to purchase buttons.

I finally got round to finishing it off today. Phew!

More slippers 3!

This will be the last post (at least until gets jiffy grip back in stock!!) about slippers.  I've made my last two pairs for Christmas now.

This pair were made using bits of old black T-shirt.  The black and white are quite dramatic but I'm wondering if they need a little bit of something, texture and / or colour, to bring them to life.  Well ... I've got a few weeks to decide.

These ones are from a fabulous fabric I bought from a wonderful little shop in Hailsham called The Pumpkin Patch. They have a great central display with a range of folded fat quarters, all arranged by colour - a veritable feast for a quilter!  Anyway, love the fabric - pleased with the slippers

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

a new bag ... but not for me

I'm starting to panic a little about Christmas.  I had all these great plans for making pressies but life has kind of taken over so I need to rein in my expectations. But ... I have made another present that ISN'T slippers (more of them to come ...)

Sew Hip issue 15, described as a "Spring bag" ... well, it's a xmas bag now!  Made from the leftover material from my sister's living room curtains, I'm quite pleased with it.  I t was a relatively easy make so I might have to look into making one for myself too.

Monday, 15 November 2010

origami needle case

my sewing case was starting to look a bit of a mess so I found the instructions for this needle case in sew hip - my fave magazine!  It was really easy to make and other than the button I had everything I needed in my stash.

sock monkey

My husband was very upset when his wedding socks wore through.  I gave them a quick darn and then turned them into a memento to keep forever!  This sock monkey is so cute and was really easy to make.  there may be more sock monkeys to come ...