Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Baby gifts

In the latest issue of Sew Hip there is a fabulous pattern for a cute little teddy bear, and with two heavily pregnant friends I am aware that I need to pull my finger out and get creating.  This is the most detailed / fiddly project I have taken on and I loved it.  I bought waaaaaaaaay too much fleece for the slippers I'm making so had plenty for this bear (and more besides).

I got ridiculously excited when I made the legs - so much so that I walked them around for a bit ... ok, very sad!

and then when I got the body together ... well, that was another batch of over excitement.

And the final product ...

And so now onto the next one ...

more slippers 2!

so this might get boring soon, but I've started on the Xmas slippers now.  Here's the MIL's slippers - the fabric may look familiar ...

Monday, 18 October 2010

more slippers!

Yay - another birthday, another set of slippers ... and I remembered to take pictures of these ones.

greedy pigs!

In the first issue of Homestyle sewing magazine there was a cute patchwork pig.  I made him straight away and then rather than buying some toy stuffing I have kept him close at hand to stuff all my bits of thread and fabric cuttings, so he's environmentally friendly too!  He is now full so I have just made another one, ready to take all my cuttings