Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Victoria Blazer _ the final product

Sorry!! Finished a few weeks ago and have only just got around to taking any photographs. So here it is, the final blazer, with arms and lining and everything!

Love it!!!!!  Want to make 3 more!!

So adjustments.  I'm glad I gave it an extra inch, but would probably give it a bit more length again.  With the fuller figure a too cropped blazer just highlights the bulge! The width across the back is great - so often with jackets i feel my broad back is tied up in cement vlocks, but this is fab.  I do feel there's a little much fabric in the front though so a slight reduction so that the front dart comes more towards the centre of the boob than towards the inside.

So defo another cropped in a lighter fabric and probably a long one, maybe in a grey  ...

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Waistcost 2

Having realised that when I went to buy more black thread the other day that I actually bought white (why?!?) I couldn't crack straight into the waistcoat. But  ... Neice being a little on quirky side she requested a duck on the inside.


Ok  ...

So applique duck time. After much crappy drawing of a 2D duck, hubby shoved me out the way and took on the drawing task. I used interfacing on each piece to stabilise the fabric and the sewed the pieces together leaving the raw edges a la Poppy Treffy (although obvs not anywhere near her standard!) giving it a wing, beak and eye. And then of course sewing it into the centre of the back lining. Think it looks pretty cool  ... if you like secret ducks in your clothing!

Waistcoat 1

My niece turns 18 at the end of this month. Having asked her what she might want she said 'a waistcoat'.  Simple enough I guess. Starting point was to find a pattern. Being female she needs something with a bit of shape but so many waistcoats for women are incredibly girly (see New Look for my particular favourite in pink!) and she has a far more relaxed look - she's a jeans and trainers kind of gal.

And then I found this one in Burda Style magazine  ... Well found it online and as it's a back issue a quick trip to ebay got me the magazine! It does 'waistcoat' well, have a female shape to it without screaming 'I'm a girl!'

Onto the fabric shopping. It says to use an ottoman fabric. Well I'll be damed if I can find one. I did find an amzing knitted fabric that I thought might work but as it was £65 per metre  ... Yes, per metre  ... I felt that whilst I love my niece I don't love her that much. So have gone off-piste and am trying it with a cotton twill. We'll see if this agfects the drape I guess.

Anyway, first time making anything from one of these multi-pattern magazines. Having pulled out the pattern pages it looks like somone has gone crazy with some coloured pens. How the hell am I supposed to work with this? But thanks to the Male Pattern Boldness blog I tried highlight the pattern I want in the size I want with a felt pen, making it easier to trace. Et voila! Job done.

Phew!! Now onto the sewing.