Thursday, 30 June 2011


Why can I never get quite what I want?  took a trip into town yesterday to buy another spool of thread.  I'm mid-quilt and so definitely need the exact same colour.  But no, they've run out.  delivery in about 10 days.  That sucks!  I WANT TO FINISH MY QUILT!

So I try to but stuff to make a birthday present for a friend.  I can get the fabric and the thread but the hardware and the interfacing? no.

And I'm still searching for bamboo handles the size I need for a bag I wanted to make myself.

I'm off to sulk now

Sunday, 26 June 2011

T-shirt tote

I saw this link on the sewing directory's facebook feed.  It is a really simple little pattern for making a tote from a t-shirt created by a Girl Scout from the States.  This obviously appealed to me as a volunteer with Girlguiding UK and I also have a T-shirt that I can't quite bring myself to chuck and a charity shop wouldn't be able to sell it, so it's just been hanging around.

Basically, I have recently been running and to challenge myself I sugned up for a sponsored 5k run for the World Cancer Research Fund, racing against a man in a banana suit ...  I did the run - quite pleased with myself for that.  And now I have a bright yellow T-shirt that has that annoying tight neck-line so I'm not going to wear it again ...

This was a very simple design - a few snips and a little bit of sewing.   Basically, cut off the sleeves, cut out the neckline and sew closed the bottom.  I also did a couple of little extra stitches to give the base of the bag a flatter bottom.

So now I have a bag (ok, another bag!) that I can just scrunch into my handbag to give me extra storage when it's needed.  Hoorah!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Quick gift

It's been a while - I'm in the middle of a project which will hopefully be finished soon.

We're off to a friend's BBQ for her birthday today and realising I hadn't bought a gift I thought I should knock something together quickly.

So I had a quick flick through my latest Sew Hip where I had seen a simple yo yo flower brooch, grabbed two fabrics, thread, needle, button, safety pin and scissors and off we went.

In the coffee shop on the way I did a quick effort but I think it worked out nicely. It is, after all, the thought that counts!