Monday, 16 September 2013

Baby blocks

Cute alert! Got the idea from flicking through a magazine - can't remember which one - and essentially quite simple. Using my Sizzix machine I made standard squares. I bought some letter stamps on ebay but unfortunately they wern't as big as I'd hoped they would be - I wanted one lette on each block face but with the smaller shapes I went for 2-3 on each face, and the eet I bought came with a cute fish, so he's on there too!

So another gift set - this time for my PA who is on paternity leave.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Waistcoat - complete

Well it's done. Overall I think it looks good  so am happy  ...

... But  ...

... It doesn't fit my niece. :-( She has very politely said she's not bothered about it doing up, and it will look fine worn open  ... But it  should have fitted. So I'm wondering if the pattern didn't have seam allowances. I'm sure I measured her right and she hasn't grown.

Anyway, construction was mixed. Some bits really simple but in othe places the instructions were completely confusing. In the end I gave up following the instructions and did final construction based on the Victoria Blazer pattern, which worked fine.