Monday, 27 May 2013

Trousers 4

Heading into the end game now. So both legs sewn together and now attached at the front. My first fly opening and I'm pretty chuffed that today the seam ripper hasn't been out and the fly is in the rigt place  ... so doing better (other than within the time challenge) than some of the Great British Sewing Bee contestants! It wasn't too tricky once I'd worked out what the instructions were saying but can definitely see how it could all go wrong in a rush.

Just the waist band, back seam and bottom hems to go now  ....

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Trousers 3

Man, pockets take a long time. 2hrs this evening just working on these back pockets. Ok, the seam ripper had to come out a few times which didn't help. And I think the button holes are a bit too low but not the most importsnt point in the world. it's quite exciting to see a fully formed pocket.

But I'm definitely not good enough for Great British Sewing Bee - they had to make a pair of men's trousers in just a few hours. If that were me then they'd be presented with pieces of trouser!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Trousers 2

Well I got down to it this evening and started the trousers. That first cut into the fabric was very nerve wracking but then there was something quite satisfying about slicing into the fresh fabric.

So far I've put in the front pockets on both sides and created the opening for one of the rear pockets. I don't think the picture's that good but it shows the piping around the opening. Did it wrong the first time - first outing for the seam ripper, I'm sure there'll be many more! I'm almost happy with this but the hubby was delighted  ...

We'll see how it goes tomorrow  ...

Monday, 20 May 2013

Strapping bag

Another one from Small Stash Sewing - I was having a quick flick through it the other night when I spotted this. The design says to use courdroy but I thought some of my left-over jeans from my upcycled skirt might do the trick, along with some fat quarters I had cheekily purchased online a while back with no project in mind.

Quite an easy make, bag lining, then bag outside, and sew them together. I added a clasp and it's got a pocket inside. Prett neat huh?

Scrap quilt

I have been working on this one for months! Another design from the magazine Scrap Quilts. I love this magazine, too many ideas for using up all the bits of fabric I've been hoarding. Making all the panels took a long time. I've focused on using the greeny-blue fabrics I have and managed to have enough fabric for 40 7 1/4" blocks!!

It's a massive quilt and I have foolishly decided to do quite a clise quilting pattern. It's already taken me ages and it's going to take a lot longer, hence the need for other projects. there'll be more of an update when I actually finish this one.

Denim skirt

Ok, bit of a catch up time again  ... although I did literally just finish this one. Ages ago I ripped the seams of this old pair of jeans. I loved these jeans, they were so comfy. Unfortunately they wore through and split in the thigh area. So when I got this patterned fabric through a year or two back by mistake when I'd ordered sonething else I thought it might work nicely as a panel. I spent quite a while fannying around trying to get the fullness of the skirt right, just from trying it on and asking the hubby if it looked right  ... I need a dress form!

So overall I'm quite happy with it - a good, first upcycle item.

Trousers 1

My husband and I have a tradition of Christmas cracker presents.  we make our crackers and rather than a mood fish or mini plqstic hoop-la we put in our own gifts  ... Or a representation of a gift. Last Christmas I decided it was about time I made good on my promise of making him trousers. He's 6'6" and that height is all in his legs, so ready to wear trousers rarely fit him or he has to spend almost £100 in a specialist shop.

So for the cracker I knocked up a quick pair of mini-trousers from Batman fabric and then gave him tha pattern. I chose Burda 7841 - It looked smart enough for a work trouser but also could work as a more casual pant. This is the firts time I've worked with a proper pattern for about 22 years  ... since school! So it's a bit of a test for me. It's also my first proper foray in clothes making so I know the sewing has to be good, no more 'rustic'!

Step 1 - shopping! Took the husband to John Lewis so he could pick the fabric. He went for a dark grey gabardine. Couldn't find a zip that was the right length so I thought longer was better than shorter. It was a little bit crazy in the shop - we almost had a fight over a tube of buttons!

Step 2 - pattern cutting. Having measured hubby I identified which size to go for, but obviously the legs need adjusting.  I've added in 3/4" into both the lower and upper leg on each pattern piece. I want to crack on but know I need to wash my fabrics before starting  ...