Saturday, 4 January 2014

Charlotte skirt 1

I'm not doing this sew-along 'live' but as one exists I thought I'd blog along.  I bought the Charlotte Skirt pattern from By Hand London a while back and the fabric I've got is from Pumpkin Patch in Hailsham, again, bought a while back. I've decided to do the variation without ruffle or peplum. That all feels a little too girly for me.

Step one is sizing, pattern and cutting. I haven't had a lot of success in getting sizing right for clothing so far. The only thing that seems tk have been right is hubby's trousers. For this skirt, having measured myself, I've gone for the biggest size, although the waist is too small, so I've added some more on at the waist ... we'll see if that was a sensible plan!

Placing the pieces and cutting out is all very simple when it's just three pieces. So onto part 2!

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