Sunday, 26 January 2014

Charlotte Skirt 2

Well step two has taken quite some time! Simple stitching of darts and seams. My challenge came when it got to finishing the seams. When I made the  Victoria blazer I wished I had put more thought into fin7shing the seams. Not having an overlocker (yet!) I just used pinking shears, but it doesn't look great. So I decided to bind the seams. Bizarrely I seem to have purchased about 50cm of bias binding, which is no good to man nor beast.

So first attempt at proper fitting. I tries on the skirt and it fits well at the waist (yay!) But is way too baggy at the hips (boo!) Essentially meaning there is about 2 sizes difference between my waist and hips.  Two attempts later and I think it now fits. As recommended by the lovely ladies at By Hand London I tried it inside out and pinned the excess, sewing new side seams. Hopefully this is gonna work!

So I spent ages making binding from the offcuts of the fabric ... and then having used them on the centre back seam I think itnis way too bulky, so scrap that! Although, I used the binding on centre back before inserting my zipper so I've left those ones, but the other seams I have just folded under the raw edge and sewn them to neaten.

And now I've decided I want to line the skirt so another pause whilst I purchase that.

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